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Seville, a millennial city and capital of Andalusia

Why visit Seville?

Its people, its traditions, its beauty, its hospitality and its mild Mediterranean climate make this city an attractive tourist destination that you will never forget. Seville offers its visitors a magnificent historic and artistic heritage, such as its cathedral, the Giralda, the General Archive of the Indies, the Alcázar, the Triana and Santa Cruz neighbourhoods…

Hotel Inglaterra Sevilla

Art and culture

One of the main things Seville is famous for is its cultural offering, of which La Maestranza Theatre is its main representative, staging opera, concerts, recitals, flamenco, ballet… Isla Mágica theme park, museums such as the Fine Arts Museum or the European Film Festival are just some of the other cultural events that you can enjoy in the city.

Flamenco will always have a prime spot in the city of Seville and you can enjoy it every day in all of its splendour in the famous tablaos (flamenco venues), social groups or simply on its streets and bars.

Hotel Inglaterra Sevilla

Popular festivals

Our festivals are unique. Feria de Abril, for example, is known around the world; Holy Week (Semana Santa) is the most passionate festival in the whole country and others such as the Bullfighting National Festival at La Maestranza bullring or La Velá de Santa Ana, in the traditional Triana neighbourhood, are also very famous and popular.

Hotel Inglaterra Sevilla

Gastronomy and sport

Seville also has a large gastronomic and daytime and evening leisure offering. You can go and eat tapas, enjoy the sun on its bar terraces with a drink in your hand or go out to local bars and clubs at night. If you love sport, in Seville you can stay fit no matter when you visit thanks to its excellent climate, ideal for rowing, kayaking, horse riding, football, basketball…

Hotel Inglaterra Sevilla

Shopping in Seville

Another of the city’s most representative features is its long commercial traditional. Seville has an outstanding ceramics and pottery craft industry which you can find and purchase in the Triana and La Cartuja districts. Other unique items such as shawls, mantillas (silk veils), embroidery, encajes (ornamental fabrics), fans, musical instruments, ornamental items, flamenco dresses and a wide range of accessories are just some of Seville’s most significant examples of local crafts.

Hotel Inglaterra Sevilla

Alternatives to walking

If you get tired of walking, we recommend different alternatives to discover the city from another perspective: renting bicycles -the city has an excellent bicycle-lane network-, a romantic boat ride along the Guadalquivir, horse carriages, train, tram, metro, bus, car or taxi.